Hojiblanca Mild (Australia) Crush Date: May 2019

Article number: IOO273 Hojiblanca Mild-BTL-60ml

This beautiful Hojiblanca is floral on the nose and displays prominent notes of both peach and parsley. With fruity and herbaceous qualities, it is creamy and approachable with no bitterness. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is truly a crowd pleaser!

*Biophenols: 242.7 ppm                                FFA: 0.15

  Oleic Acid: 76.1                                          Peroxide: 4.1

  DAGs: 97.4                                                *PPP: 0.5

  Squalene: 11,372.6                                     A-Tocopherols: 159.3

   *As measured at the time of crush

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